daily mango green smoothie. Recipe by @FlavourFiles

Green Mango Smoothie

Super creamy and fruity mango smoothie. Full of fresh, raw greens, antioxidants, and healthy fats to supercharge your health.

a bowl of sri lankan carrot and broccoli curry served with beluga lentils and quinoa. Recipe from Flavour-Files.com

Sri-Lankan Carrot and Broccoli Curry

Fresh but comforting Sri Lankan style carrot and broccoli curry; with soft spices and mellow heat. The broccoli “mops up” the rich and silky sauce perfectly, and the carrots bring subtle sweetness and texture.

crisp vanilla easter biscuits with cute Easter shapes cut out of the center, sandwiched with jam. Coated in royal icing and fake grass made with biscuit crumbs and green food colouring and royal icing. Recipe by Flavour-Files.com

Easter Jam Sandwich Biscuits

Crisp vanilla Easter biscuits sandwiched with fruity jam and coated in “grass” made from biscuit off-cuts and royal icing.

blood orange icecream scoops in a bowl. sprinkled with pistachios and fresh blood orange slice. Recipe by Flavour-Files.com

Blood Orange Icecream

Refreshing blood orange icecream is the perfect way to end a meal. It pairs excellently with chocolate and ginger desserts and is also easy to make.


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